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      About Resistance Band Training and the Body Fit™️ Resistance Bands

      Resistance Band training is a highly effective workout that you can do at home, when you travel, at work or really anywhere you go.  Unlike a gym with all that bulky equipment, the light weight resistance bands and accessories fit conveniently in a small carry bag that is easy to store and travel with.  

      They make for the perfect home gym whether you are a beginner or more advanced in your conditioning.   You can start with just a little resistance and increase your resistance as you get stronger.  If you are looking to get in shape, maintain your physical fitness, or take your fitness to the next level, resistance bands provide for an excellent work out to help you achieve your health fitness goals. 

      The benefits of Resistance Band Training include the following: 

      Cost Effective Work Out – You don’t need a gym membership to get in shape.  All you need is a quality set of resistance bands and you can work out at home, your office, a hotel room when traveling or just about anywhere.

      Adapt to Different Fitness Levels – Fitness bands are perfect for people at different fitness levels.  The bands come in different resistance levels that can be easily adjusted.  Whether you need to start out with little resistance or you are ready to up to your work out, resistance band are easily adaptable. 

      You can combine bands to increase your resistance.  As your fitness level improves, you will be able to continue challenging yourself and increase your resistance levels up to 100 lbs.  

      Adapt to Familiar Exercises – If you have done resistance training in the past, you may be familiar with exercises such as curls, bench press or lats.  With bands you don’t need bulky gym equipment, bar bells, or dumb bells to exercise.  All you need are your resistance bands and you are ready to workout. 


      Full Body Workouts – With resistance bands you can get a full body work out.  You can exercise the major muscles groups in your body. 


      Compact and Easy To Store -   Exercise equipment can take up lots of space in your home. Resistance bands are easy to store in a draw, a closet or just hanging on a hook.   

      Exercise Anywhere -  Whether you are home, traveling on business or on vacation, you may still want to keep up your exercise routine.  Resistance bands pack small and are easy to take with you.  When you are ready to work out, there are many exercises you can do even if you only have a small space for your work out.  

      Variety In Your Exercise Routine – You may have a favorite form of exercising. Perhaps you bike ride, hike, walk or jog.  Many health experts also recommend strength training to improve overall fitness.   Resistance bands are an excellent choice to improve your strength by providing an effective and efficient work out.

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      When you purchase the Body Fit™️ Resistance Bands, you get exclusive access to our free bonus Work Out Resistance Band Resource Guide and the Full Body Work routine.  If you are a beginner, you will have the guidance to get started and if you are more experienced, you’ll be able to take your fitness to the next level. You won’t be left wondering how to get started and you will have a complete training plan.   

      With the Workout Resistance Band Resource Guide 

      • You can benefit right away when your Body Fit™️ resistance bands arrive.   
      • You won’t have to pay a trainer hundreds of dollars to workout.   You will have the training videos, pictures and instructions to guide you in your workouts.  
      • After you make your purchase, your welcome aboard e-mail arrives within 48 hours with the Work Out Resistance Band Resource Guide and your link to the workout training videos.   You can learn about your workout routine while your Body Fit ™️ Resistance Bands are in transit and be ready to get started when they arrive.  
      • Welcome aboard to the Body Fit™️ difference and start getting in shape today!

        Purchase the Body Fit™️ Resistance Bands and get the limited time exclusive free bonus Work Out Resistance Band Resource Guide. 

        2 x Foam Covered Handles
        2 x Ankel Straps 
        1 x Door Anchor 
        1  x Nylon Straps
        5 x resistance bands:  Black 30lb, Red 20 lb, Green 15 lb, and Yellow 10lb

          Materials Inclule:   
          Quality Latex Tubes
          Strong Metal Hooks



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          Body Fit™️ - 11pcs/set Resistance Bands for Exercising, Full Body Work Outs and Strength Training
          $ 34.97 USD $ 78.00 USD

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