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About Jump Roping and the Body Fit™️ Fitness Jump Rope

Jump roping makes for the perfect workout or complement to a physical fitness strength training program.  Whether you are just trying to add some cardio to your workout or increase your endurance for competition, jump roping offers an excellent workout routine. 

When compared to jogging, a 10 minute jump roping workout can match a 30 minute jog.  In a 15 minute workout, you can burn up to 200 to 300 calories.  Factors effecting your calorie burn include your weight and the intensity of your workout.  For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, do 1 jump per second – after 10 minutes you can burn about 100 calories.  If you weigh 200 pounds and do 2 jumps a second (increase in intensity) for 15 minutes you can burn about 300 calories 

When jumping rope you also exercise your legs, shoulders, buttock and arms – all contributing to a full body workout.     

Jump roping has many benefits which include the following: 

  • Improves coordination 
  • Cardio Fitness 
  • Tones muscles and can help with weight loss 
  • Helps improve metabolism 

Jump roping routines can be integrated into a strength training program or just help you maintain your overall fitness.   

Jump roping is fun and provides for one of the best workouts you can do.   It is low impact, helps build lean muscle and improves cardio.  

It will make your crossing moves, double unders, and even triple unders easier and fun.  Perfect for beginners as well as advanced jumpers.

The Length Of The Jump Rope Is Adjustable

The adjustable 9.8 foot cable makes it convenient for both adults and children.

Ball Bearing Light Weight Aluminum Handle

The light weight aluminum handle and ball bearing makes this jump rope great for cross fit training and workouts. 


The jump rope is designed to spin fast and is extremely light.  The handle is longer than the normal jump rope making it more comfortable to grip.  

With the Body Fit™️ - Fitness Jump Rope you get an excellent jump rope for your workouts and fitness training.


Materials and Description: 

Cable:  Light weight aluminum stainless steel cable covered with PVC perfectly weighted for maximum speed.  

Handle:  Premium quality lightweight metal handle with non-slip design.  

Colors:  Black, Blue, Light Grey, Yellow and Purple

Length:  3 Meter or 9.8 foot adjustable cable making it convenient for both adults and children.  Length can be adjusted with the screws or by simply cutting the cable to the desired length and then placing the caps back on the end of the cable. 

Hardware: Adjustable screws and end caps


Package Includes:   1 Fitness Jump Rope 

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Body Fit - Fitness Jump Rope For Cardio Exercise and Cross Fit Training - Adjustable High Speed Jump Rope
$ 25.97 USD $ 60.00 USD