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Grab your Discounted Mini Beer/Drink/Wine Cooler Camping Fridge AC/DC while the Store LAUNCH DISCOUNT is on!


Keep your beverages hot or cold while in the car with this portable, compact, easy to carry, mini fridge for use in the office or car.  Keeps beverages hot or cold as needed.  Easy to install and operate.  High capacity. Works in the home, office, dormitory, car, campinig, traveling, etc.  Fashionable carrying and handle lightweight.


A compact fridge ideal for anyone traveling, camping, or just an afternoon drive or family excursion.  Keep your lunch, snacks, or beverages hot or cold while in the car. No more messing with a cooler and melting ice.  This mini fridge is compact that comes a with built in power adapter and cables and a 4L capacity.  It is pink with a fashionable carrying handle and is small enough to fit in your car without taking up a lot of space. High quality ABS+All aluminum liner.





4L Portable Mini Fridge USB Freezer Refrigerator Cooler Warmer Auto Car Travel Outdoor Camping Features

  • This cooler mini fridge is portable, compact, easy to carry and conveniently sized to use in your office or car.

  • Useful and multi-functional.  Can keep cool beverage cold longer and keep hot drinks warmer longer as needed.

  • Easy to install and operate with a switch to change the heating function or cooling function.

  • Temperature range from 5 degrees to 65 degrees fahrenheit .

  •  The refrigerator is equipped with a cooling fan, and the fan emits a small sound of about 30 decibels during operation.

  • Built in power adapter and power cables.

  • Specification:
    Capacity 4L
    Color Pink
    Watt Cool mode: 48W
    Warm mode: 45EW
    Keep cool temperature 5 degree
    Keep hot temperature 65 degree
    Size 18 x 23 x 25 cm or 7.08 inches x 9.05 in x 9.84 in
    Package size 28 x 21.5 x 31 cm or 11 inches x 8.46 in x 12.2 in
    Weight Approx.1.8 kg or 3.96 lbs

    Low power consumption.
    Small size, lightweight and easy to carry.
    Large capacity and enough for use.

    Package includes:
    1 X Mini fridge
    1 X Car Plug
SKU: PE-1310643
Mini Beer/Drink/Wine Cooler Camping Fridge AC/DC
$ 92.25 USD $ 184.50 USD

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