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The Yoga Mat Difference and the Body Fit ™️ Yoga Mat 

If you are looking for a versatile yoga mat that can be used for stretching, pilates or yoga, then the Body Fit ™️ Yoga Mat is an excellent choice.  The yoga mat provides the perfect balance in thickness to help maintain comfort and stability for yoga, pilates or your exercise routine.   It is light weight, easy to take anywhere you go, and made from environmentally friendly EVA material. 


For many people transitioning from a stressful day, the yoga mat has come to represent a space for peace.  It can help define your workout area whether you do your routine at home or in a studio.  Without a yoga mat, stretching and exercising on a tile, laminate or wood floors can be hard on your bones.   The yoga mat also adds comfort to your routine when doing reclined or restful positions on a cold floor and adds protection to your knees and body from different exercise positions.   

Whether you are practicing yoga, stretching, or doing pilates, your yoga mat can help provide the motivation to maintain your routine by providing a comfortable defined space.    

Encouragement to maintain a healthy lifestyle is always a worthy goal.  Whether you want a yoga mat for yoga, stretching or pilates – the Body Fit ™️ Yoga Mat can help you achieve your goals. 

Anti Skid Design For Confidence During Your Yoga or Workout Routine

Great Color Section - Blue, Pink and Purple 


Product Information
Blue,Purple, and Pink 
Eco-Friendly EVA material
5ft 8 inches long by 2 feet wide 
 The thickness is 4 cm or .157 inches making the yoga mat a bit thicker than an 1/8 of an inche or .125 inches.  This thickness design helps maintain comfort and stability. 

Package Includes:  1 Yoga Mat  

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Body Fit - Yoga Mat for Yoga, Stretching and Pilates - Non-Skid Eco-Friendly Exercising Yoga Mat
$ 25.97 USD $ 52.00 USD